Europair & Marathon-EMBRAER 175

Europair and Marathon Airlines have signed an agreement whereby Europair exclusively markets its aircraft for tour operation projects in the Austrian, German, Swiss and Danish markets.

Marathon Airlines is a Greek airline based in Glyfada, operating under Air Operator Certificate No GR-062, a fleet of 88-seat Embraer 175s.

Europair is a leading air broker in the regional jet charter market and the addition of the E175 to its fleet is a major step towards strengthening its position in this market.

This aircraft is an excellent choice for short and medium-haul flights due to its long range, compared to other regional aircraft, and its ability to operate on short runways.

Europair can now offer flights from a greater number of regional and secondary airports, including some that other aircraft cannot reach, operating to even more distant destinations (approximately 2,150 nautical miles – 3,982 km – non-stop), thus avoiding intermediate stops, which is not always possible with aircraft of this size.

The cabin of the Embraer 175 is also one of its main advantages: Designed with a focus on passenger comfort, it offers spacious seats, a fairly high cabin for added comfort, roomy hand luggage compartments, two full lavatories and the possibility of creating a business area at the front, where hot meals can be served.

In terms of baggage, the E175 has spacious and larger cargo holds than other regional aircraft. This is especially valuable for groups travelling with bulky baggage, such as sports equipment.

The addition of this aircraft model to the fleet marketed by Europair also has benefits for the company in terms of operational efficiency. The Embraer 175 is a modern and reliable aircraft, with low fuel consumption and high operational flexibility.

In short, the Embraer 175 is an excellent addition to the fleet marketed by Europair. Its capacity for 88 passengers, the possibility of operating from short runways, its long range and its comfortable and modern cabin, make this aircraft ideal for short and medium-haul flights.