Lübeck Air lets Private Wings and Marathon Airlines fly for you

Instead of an ATR72-500 operated by Air Alsie, Lübeck Air is now using an Embraer 175 from Greek Marathon Airlines and a Dornier 328 from Private Wings. The turboprop aircraft has already been in use on the routes from Lübeck for a few weeks.

The holiday destinations in Iceland, Menorca, Corsica and Sardinia are to be served by Marathon Airlines in the summer of 2023 with the Embraer 175. “The choice of an Embraer as the perfect medium-haul aircraft has already proven its worth last summer,” says Airport and Lübeck Air Managing Director Jürgen Friedel. “Our passengers receive the usual Lübeck Air Service, the routes can be booked through us and standard hand and checked baggage are already included in the ticket price.”

The regional jet with 88 seats will be stationed in Lübeck from May to the end of October 2023. A decision on a possible continuation of the cooperation has not yet been made. Instead of Air Alsie’s ATR72-500, a Dornier 328 from Private Wings has been flying on the routes to Munich, Bergen, Bern and Salzburg for a few weeks now. It should stay that way. Friedel says: “With its 32 seats, the Dornier 328 from Private Wings can be used very well on our established routes – and the passenger saves time, because the machine flies quickly but does not produce any contrails, which in turn is good for the environment”.