Athens, Greece April 22, 2024 – Marathon Airlines, a provider of ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) solutions, is strengthening its management team through the appointments of Captain Alexandros Maravegias as Flight Operations Director and Captain Spyros Panousos as Training Manager.


We are delighted to welcome Captain Maravegias and Captain Panousos to the Marathon Airlines management team. Their extensive experience in flight operations and training, respectively, makes them valuable additions to our company. Their combined expertise of over 75 years and their deep understanding of these crucial areas gives us great confidence in their ability to excel in their new roles”, says the airline’s CEO, Captain Andreas Kaiafas.


New Flight Operations Director

Captain Alexandros Maravegias brings a wealth of experience to the role of Flight Operations Director, spanning over 40 years of airline flying. With over 24,000 flight hours in the B737/B747/A320/A321 aircraft, he possesses a proven track record of success in various flying, training, and management positions. Prior to joining Marathon Airlines, Captain Maravegias served with some of the most prestigious operators in Europe and the Middle East, including a distinguished tenure as Fleet Chief Instructor on the Boeing 737 at Olympic Airways.


Marathon Airlines new Flight Operations Director, Capt. Alexandros Maravegias

Setting the tone for his tenure, Captain Maravegias says, “As the newly appointed Flight Operations Director, I am glad to contribute to our team’s success. My vision is to propel our flight operations to new heights, ensuring that every flight is executed safely, with precision and dedication. Therefore, my focus is on implementing a safety-first culture, where every decision we make is guided by our commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance in every aspect of our operations. Through collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are forging our reputation as a trusted partner in the ACMI and charter industries, committed to delivering excellent value to our partner airlines and their passengers.”


New Training Manager

Captain Spyros Panousos is a highly respected leader in the aviation training field. With over 35 years of experience and over 21,000 flight hours in the A320/330/340s, Captain Panousos brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role as Training Manager. He has held training and senior management roles for top airlines in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, demonstrating a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.


Marathon Airlines new Training Manager, Capt. Spyros Panousos

Captain Panousos says, “I am passionate about fostering a culture of excellence within Marathon Airlines’ training department. My core values lie in continuous professional development and maintaining the highest standards of airmanship. I firmly believe in providing and sharing aviation knowledge that adheres to the strictest industry standards. This includes cultivating the talents of our next generation of pilots while simultaneously enhancing the training capabilities of our existing pilots and instructors. My ultimate goal is to elevate the knowledge, professional conduct, and skills of everyone in our organization.


Expressing his vision for the future, Captain A. Kaiafas reveals, “As Marathon Airlines continues its journey forward, we are committed to learning from past experiences and evolving to better serve our partners and customers. With a steadfast focus on our core values of safety, service, and accountability, we remain optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. Looking ahead, Marathon Airlines is poised for a period of significant strategic growth. We are committed to fostering a culture of leadership evolution, empowering our team to achieve new heights. This includes expanding our presence into new regions and further strengthening our fleet to meet the rising demand for high-quality ACMI solutions. With Captain Maravegias and Captain Panousos at the helm of Flight Operations and Training, I am confident we have the right team in place to navigate this exciting chapter and propel Marathon Airlines into the future at full throttle.”


About Marathon Airlines

Marathon Airlines offers an all-Embraer jet fleet of E-175, E-190, E-195, and Legacy aircraft, catering to ACMI needs ranging from 88 to 118 seats. Beyond scheduled services, Marathon Airlines provides ad-hoc charters for corporate clients, group travel, and sports teams. The company’s ACMI solutions address diverse airline requirements, including seasonal capacity increases, new route launches, and unforeseen Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations.


In 2023 alone, Marathon Airlines transported over half a million passengers through more than 7,200 flights, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and reliability. The company is a member of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) and the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).


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